1st a little history.  CE has been a manufacturer of Fabrication Tooling since 1966 starting out in Chicago

Currently we are located in Las Vegas NV, in a 22,000sf facility we had built in 2004, designed specifically for the manufacturing of punch tools. 

As our competitors, like Mate & Wilson all having factories in Asia, CE Tooling has partnered with Ketec Precsion Tooling of China to even the playing field.   CE Tooling is KETEC® in North America.  Through the partnership we are able to offer the combined strengths of CE Tooling & Ketec Precision Tooling.  The best prices on the highest quality punch tools. CE Tooling will still manufacture tool in our USA factory but have option to imported blanks or finished components.  This similar to all of our USA competitors.

l   Customers can expect 5-20% savings on tools made to the highest standards.

l   CE makes a complete line of tool and accessories compatible to most industry standard tool styles. 

l   CE excels in special application tools, with innovative tool designs, and patented adjustment methods. 

CE leads the industry in fastest deliveries of special shaped & forming tools, at best price!

l Remind customers that most of CE’s tooling ships from west coast, pacific timeThis means even if customer places order near close of there day, CE may still have time to process and ship same day.

What ever their punch tooling need, suggest to them to call, fax or email there needs to allow us to  offer a quote.  Whether CE manufactured in house, or through our relationships with other OEM’s you can be assured CE will offer the best value.

It is very helpful for CE to be kept information on customers salesmen visit.  Sending us information like press make, model, tool style or features preferred, contact names, tel#, addresses, etc... assures the customer is assigned to your Rep# so you receive proper commission in cases were customer inquires directly to CE, it also helps CE be ready to help salesmen or customer process correct items for quotes or orders.  


Note: Pricing often changing so best to always down current version for accurate pricing.

Freight • Federal Express Priority 1-3 days or Economy 3-6 days. 

  CE receives near 80% discount off FedEx rates and passes on savings

 Highest Quality • Achieved from the combined strengths of CE TOOLING

Best materials only quality tool steels, punches mostly M2 high speed, Dies D2 18% chrome

 Best Price • 5-20% below competitors like Amada, Mate, Trumpf, WT 

Savings through large volume production and cost benefits from multi-continent manufacturing


We also offer a PRICE MATCH PROGRAMwhereas if you receive a lower price on tooling from another vendor, send CE that quote and we will attempt to beat it by 10-20%.

CE Tooling offers world class tools, regional support, fast responsive deliveries, all at best pricing

 Fast Deliveries • Pierce Tools ship in 1-6 days!  Forms & Cluster 3-11